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What to look out for when working with a new company....

The People – The people part of the business is the most important factor. This includes the type of people the company naturally attracts due to it’s product range, the price point and also who has referred you.


The Product  / Service – The most important part of the actual product/service is that they are consumable. Meaning it is being used by people already each and every month. This is critical as it means your business then “compounds”. It is the difference between having a business making £1,000 per month and a business making £10,000 per month. 

The Payment Plan – When it comes to the payment plan, you can keep this quite simple knowing that for all the big companies out there, they all work. The one thing to look for is that you are able to refer as many people as you want. This is known as ‘Going Wide’. Some companies limit you. Be aware of this. Going wide means a much bigger business and more income for you. 

The Timing – This is basically how long the company has been in the country already. Avoid the biggest companies in the world in general, as the market is very saturated.  Also avoid start ups as they can go out of business very quickly. You want a company where the wave is just starting to get going, so you can ride the wave with it and not behind it.

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