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Data Projects

Tomi Network are pleased to announce our unique and innovative data-roaming testing and maintenance services.

As part of their ongoing quality control and offering to customers, it is important for mobile networks, that they monitor their roaming services for travellers who use their network when they visit a destination country.

This includes data roaming facilities, which is what Tomi Network focuses on.

In order to consistently maintain a high-level service to travellers, Tomi Network provides a consistent testing and monitoring platform for these mobile networks.

Tomi Network offers a full report on travellers from specific origin countries to destinations which the mobile networks are present.

 We report any issues we find with the mobile networks which allow the mobile networks to be ‘one-step ahead’ before these issues are reported by customers, to avoid any inconvenience.

We work with local research partners in both origin and destination countries to ensure we offer a robust and dynamic testing service which we manage and execute from our HQ in the United Kingdom.

We are always looking to expand our global testing portfolio .   We recruit and work with like-minded people across the world to help us research and test from new countries.    

Tomi Network are happy to discuss research from any country globally.   If you would like to help us conduct research and secure another monthly income, please get in touch!


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