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What do you do with the sims?
We test sims to ensure the best international network performance and the best user performance. 

Do the sim(s) have to be acquired under the same person’s name?
Yes, the sim(s) should be acquired under one name If possible.

Will I be reimbursed for the cost of the sims?
Yes, please be assured that we will cover any extra costs.

How much do we get paid?
You will receive a $20 bonus acquisition fee on top of $20 per month until the sim stays active.

How will you transfer me the funds?
All payments will be made in escrow. Alternatively, we can arrange a bank transfer.

Am I liable for anything?
No. We will be liable for any alleged third party claims against you or Tomi Network.

How will I send you the sim cards?
To avoid issues with postage, please label and describe the package as paperwork. Please print out this page and place the sims within the paperwork.

How long will the project last for?
Initially this project will last for a couple of months, and there is scope for more work.

How big is the opportunity?
This opportunity is a great way for you to earn an extra income for free, and it can be extended to your friends and family.

I know someone in another country, will this help?
Yes, we provide a worldwide service for functional testing so please let us know if you have friends or family in other countries who can work with us. We pay per sim, so the more you can assist with, the more you can earn passively with zero time or effort!

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