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Podcast Project

Our podcast project is a unique telecom service for the UK, which allows registered users to access our podcasts through their registered landline any time of the day.    Since our inception, the podcast project has grown to thousands of users across the UK!

These podcasts will be focused on improving our member’s personal development.  Topics will range from ‘how to grow your marketing network’ or ‘how to achieve your financial goals’.  You will be left inspired and be given useful knowledge and advice from other successful people. Most importantly you will get the motivation to go out and succeed.  

The content which the Tomi Network provides is generally exclusively recorded for the network - The only place to listen to it is through our service.  You earn and learn with us.  All for free.

For every minute connected, members are rewarded.


You will receive a daily email letting you know what the topic is on today's topics  

Our network is built on our fantastic referral scheme.  Every user has a unique invitation link located in their account to invite users to build a their team.

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